2019 CWG Meetings

Dec 20 2019

Meeting #85 December 11, 2019


The CWG discussed their plans for 2020 research, meetings, and initiatives. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #85 December 11, 20192023-03-10T06:49:43+00:00
Oct 21 2019

Meeting #84 October 14, 2019


The CWG reviewed and modified a draft of its comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange, due to be submitted to the Forest Service by November 7.

Meeting #84 October 14, 20192023-03-10T06:49:43+00:00
Oct 20 2019

Meeting #83 October 9, 2019


Tonto National Forest staff provided the CWG with an update and summary of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, and CWG members discussed comments they wish to make. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #83 October 9, 20192023-03-10T06:49:44+00:00
Sep 24 2019

Meeting #82 September 11, 2019


The CWG learned about Resolution Copper's water resources and environmental mitigation plans. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #82 September 11, 20192023-03-10T06:49:44+00:00
Aug 15 2019

Meeting #81 August 14, 2019


Bronco Creek Exploration and Kennecott Exploration representatives updated the CWG on mineral exploration plans and activities in the West Superior area. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #81 August 14, 20192023-03-10T06:49:44+00:00
Jul 11 2019

Meeting #80 July 10, 2019


The CWG heard a presentation on Resolution Copper Project water use by Greg Ghidotti. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #80 July 10, 20192023-03-10T06:49:45+00:00
Jul 9 2019

Water Issues Summary from CWG Meetings 2013-2019


The CWG requested a compendium of all past discussions and presentations related to water use, management, quality, impacts, and other issues for the Resolution Copper Project. Download PDF Summary

Water Issues Summary from CWG Meetings 2013-20192023-03-10T06:49:45+00:00
Jun 13 2019

Meeting #79 June 12, 2019


The CWG discussed topics they would like to explore further in future group meetings.  Download PDF Summary

Meeting #79 June 12, 20192023-03-10T06:49:45+00:00
May 20 2019

Meeting #78 May 15, 2019


  The CWG discussed the final Recreation User Group’s multi-use trail plan and heard about some of the Town of Superior’s economic development initiatives. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #78 May 15, 20192023-03-10T06:49:46+00:00
Apr 15 2019

Meeting #77 April 10, 2019


Resolution Copper Project archaeologists and Native American monitors briefed the CWG on their programs and field activities. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #77 April 10, 20192023-03-10T06:49:46+00:00
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