Key Issues 2023

Members of the CWG prioritize issues annually. The most pressing concerns for 2023 include: permitting; environmental stewardship; transportation; education; economic development, including increased demand for housing, urban planning, and commerce; health/safety/natural resource issues; implementing a Good Neighbor Agreement; community investments and stewardship; and preserving one of the state’s most popular recreation areas.

Community Working Group Membership

In 2012, Resolution Copper sought a way to better understand the concerns of the community and establish more open and direct lines of communication for accurate information with the diverse stakeholders in this project. The Community Working Group was organized to begin these conversations. The first few CWG members were initially recruited by the facilitator, starting with a citizen who most vocally opposed the project, and the group has expanded over the years to include representatives of many perspectives and most Copper Triangle communities. Membership, operating principles, meeting agendas and speakers are decided by consensus of the group.

A group of people sitting around a table in a conference room located in Superior, AZ.


The CWG has met about monthly since 2013. Signage and news releases publicize meetings and agendas and face-to-face meetings have been open and attended by the general public.Group size has typically ranged from between 17 and 25 members, with many attending since the beginning.

Their work includes research and deliberation about all aspects of mining and related impacts, making recommendations about many aspects of the project, and identifying and discussing community issues. They’ve invited numerous independent technical, regulatory, and legal experts to provide objective perspectives.

Meeting Summaries

Reports from monthly meetings and presentations are available here.

Attend a Meeting

CWG typically meets monthly at:
Town of Superior Office Building
Library Room
199 N Lobb Avenue

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