Community Working Group (CWG) Water Subcommittee

Resolution Copper routinely conducts a variety of ongoing environmental testing programs. A major focus is on water quantity and water quality analysis, to better understand the effects of current mine dewatering and to establish a baseline before any actual mining activity begins. Establishing a baseline now will help the company and regulators understand any changes that may be related to mine and tailings site development activities later.

To better understand and corroborate testing performed by the mining company, the Community Working Group (CWG) has formed an independent Water Quality Subcommittee to conduct its own water sampling to compare and monitor results provided by Resolution. Sampling and an independent analysis of water of quality and quantity is performed by the CWG’s own independent, professional consulting company and laboratory analysis is conducted by an independent, professional firm.

Water samples are taken from a variety of locations and results are reported quarterly. An agreement was developed that has the mining company pay for the services provided by these independent firms to the Community Working Group (CWG), but the mining company has no influence on the results.

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