2014 CWG Meetings

Dec 10 2014

Meeting #28 December 10, 2014


The main topic of this meeting was tailings geochemistry, presented by Resolution Copper Company’s Corporate Environmental General Manager, Rich Borden. Download PDF Summary

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Nov 13 2014

Meeting #27 November 12, 2014


At this meeting there was discussion of tailings spills in other locations, safety measures employed to prevent these, and specific plans for the Resolution Copper Project. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #27 November 12, 20142023-03-10T06:50:08+00:00
Oct 8 2014

Meeting #26 October 8, 2014


This meeting was a visit by the CWG to the San Carlos Apache Cultural Center. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #26 October 8, 20142023-03-10T06:50:08+00:00
Sep 17 2014

Meeting #25 September 10, 2014


At this meeting several new CWG members were welcomed, and Resolution provided an update on the rail line, water line, and monitoring well installation. Download PDF Summary

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Aug 17 2014

Meeting #24 August 13, 2014


At this meeting CWG member Bill Vogler reported on his visit to the Holden Mine in Washington to learn about their remediation activities, and the group discussed possible community investment program options. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #24 August 13, 20142023-03-10T06:50:09+00:00
Jul 20 2014

Meeting #23 July 9, 2014


Dr. Chris Anderson, Rio Tinto's Communities and Social Performance Director for the Americas, told the CWG about the company's community investment programs around the world. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #23 July 9, 20142023-03-10T06:50:09+00:00
Jul 17 2014

Meeting #23 July 9, 2014


Dr. Chris Anderson, Rio Tinto’s Americas Director for Communities & Social Performance, gave an overview and explanation of some of the company’s worldwide community investment programs.

Meeting #23 July 9, 20142023-03-10T06:50:10+00:00
Jun 17 2014

Meeting #22 June 18, 2014


Arizona State Land Commissioner Vanessa Hickman and Deputy Commissioner Jim Adams provided a description of the State Land Department’s mandate, responsibilities, and programs. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #22 June 18, 20142023-03-10T06:50:10+00:00
Jun 4 2014

Meeting #21 June 4, 2014


The CWG discussed items of interest to the group, as the invited guest was unable to attend. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #21 June 4, 20142023-03-10T06:50:10+00:00
May 20 2014

Meeting #20 May 21, 2014


An update of the Superior Health Study was provided by Jennifer Botsford, Program Manager for Environmental Toxicology at Arizona Department of Health Services. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #20 May 21, 20142023-03-10T06:50:10+00:00
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