Jul 28 2022

CWG Meeting Summary #111


The group heard a presentation by former mine owner BHP on plans for remediation of the Superior Basin.

CWG Meeting Summary #1112022-07-28T16:07:33+00:00
Mar 31 2022

Meeting # 108 March 23, 2022


The group discussed a forthcoming Social Impact Assessment and signatories for the Good Neighbor Agreement. Download PDF Summary

Meeting # 108 March 23, 20222022-03-31T21:56:43+00:00
Feb 15 2022

Meeting #107 February 9, 2022


The group discussed how to craft a good neighbor agreement and heard a presentation from Resolution on agreements they have made with communities in other mining locations across the world. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #107 February 9, 20222022-02-15T23:13:53+00:00
Jan 19 2022

Meeting #106 January 12, 2022


The meeting focused on crafting a Good Neighbor Agreement. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #106 January 12, 20222022-01-19T18:03:21+00:00
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