Meeting Categories: Recreation User Group

Recreation User Group April 11, 2018

The RUG approved a semi-final version of the western portion of the trail system established from field work, and viewed photos of trail segments.

Recreation User Group February 8, 2017

The RUG heard presentations on recent recreation user surveys in the Copper Corridor and on requirements for Environmental Assessments under the National Environmental Policy Act. They also adopted Operating Policies.

Recreation User Group December 7, 2016

The RUG heard a presentation by Forest Service representatives on the proposed Apache Leap Special Management Area Plan, and discussed trail proposals from Tonto Recreation Alliance.

Recreation User Group Meeting September 14, 2016

The RUG reviewed maps of proposed trails submitted by group members and further refined their approach to preparing a comprehensive recreational trail proposal. They are now evaluating a larger area from the Resolution Copper Project tailings vicinity to east of the mine site.