Meeting Categories: Historic Preservation Task Force

Historic Preservation Task Force September 7, 2016

At the group’s request, Arcadis presented the results of structural engineering studies and environmental evaluations they have completed of the historic buildings at the West Plant site. They discussed specific potential rehabilitation actions and associated level of effort and costs. Necessary environmental remediation activities were also outlined.

Historic Preservation Task Force Meeting November 4, 2015

Resolution invited staff from Arcadis, their structural engineering consultant, to provide the group with detailed information about the condition of the smelter stack and associated buildings, highlighting costs and approaches for demolition or reconstruction.  

Historic Preservation Task Force Meeting May 13, 2015

At the initial meeting of the CWG Historic Preservation Task Force, members discussed some of the historic properties that may be affected by the Resolution Copper Project that the community is interested in targeting for preservation and possibly for cultural resource surveys.