2020 CWG Meetings

Sep 29 2020

Meeting #93 September 9, 2020


The CWG learned about plans, technical approaches, and progress on development of the #9 mine shaft and geologic testing of the Resolution Copper ore body.  Download PDF Summary

Meeting #93 September 9, 20202020-09-29T19:07:11+00:00
Sep 16 2020

Meeting #92 August 8, 2020


The CWG paid tribute to their member Roy Chavez, who recently died of the COVID-19 virus, and discussed the filter plant location and other aspects of the Resolution Copper Project.  Download PDF Summary

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Jul 8 2020

Meeting #90 June 10, 2020


This meeting highlighted recreational issues including updates on the Recreation User Group proposed multi-use plan, a Castleberry Campground concept, and other local initiatives. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #90 June 10, 20202020-07-08T17:39:21+00:00
May 20 2020

Meeting #89 May 13, 2020


Resolution Copper Mining staff gave an update on technical studies being conducted for the Environmental Impact Statement, including a dark skies analysis. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #89 May 13, 20202020-06-10T01:36:41+00:00
Apr 13 2020

Meeting #88 April 8, 2020


This meeting was held online for safety reasons caused by the COVID-19 virus. Resolution Copper Mining updated the group on its responses to this public health situation.   Download PDF Summary

Meeting #88 April 8, 20202020-05-14T00:02:07+00:00
Mar 13 2020

Meeting #87 March 11, 2020


The CWG learned about federal Clean Water Act changes and updates specific to Arizona from Justin Bern, permitting program manager of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.   Download PDF Summary

Meeting #87 March 11, 20202020-05-13T23:59:01+00:00
Jan 28 2020

Meeting #86 January 22, 2020


At this meeting the CWG learned about the Mining Act of 1872 from environmental attorney Roger Ferland. Download PDF Summary

Meeting #86 January 22, 20202020-02-03T23:26:12+00:00
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