2018 CWG Meetings

Dec 12 2018

Meeting #73 December 12, 2018


Resolution Copper’s Vicky Peacey explained the tailings site alternatives that are being studied in the Environmental Impact Statement for the project. Download PDF Summary

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Nov 14 2018

Meeting #72 November 14, 2018


The Mayor of the Town of Superior briefed the CWG on municipal improvement and economic development initiatives for the future of the community. Download PDF Summary

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Oct 10 2018

Meeting #71 October 10, 2018


The CWG learned about BHP’s Superior Soil Sampling Study, and about air quality controls for demolition of Resolution’s West Plant site. Download PDF Summary

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Sep 14 2018

Meeting #70 September 12, 2018


The CWG learned about drought in Arizona from Mike Crimmins of University of Arizona, and made its recommendations for Community Heritage projects. Download PDF Summary

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Aug 10 2018

August 8, 2018 Meeting #69


The CWG used public input from the past three months to develop cultural heritage concepts that the community can review and evaluate. [xyz-ips snippet="PDF-Field"]

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Aug 2 2018

Meeting #68 July 18, 2018


The CWG heard a presentation by Westland Resources about the historic resources documentation work they are doing at the West Plant site. [xyz-ips snippet="PDF-Field"]

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Jul 13 2018

Meeting #67 June 13, 2018


Resolution Copper showed the CWG a video simulation of how the mine site will be developed and the subsidence that will occur over the life of the mine. [xyz-ips snippet="PDF-Field"]

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Jun 13 2018

Meeting #66 May 23, 2018


The CWG had a working session to discuss Superior's cultural heritage and priorities for historic preservation related to demolition of Resolution Copper's West Plant site, and outlined a community outreach program that they would like to conduct to obtain broader input. [xyz-ips snippet="PDF-Field"]

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Apr 25 2018

Meeting #65 April 11, 2018


The CWG discussed progress on a historic legacy project and learned about Superior's designation as a new Opportunity Zone. [xyz-ips snippet="PDF-Field"]

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Mar 22 2018

Meeting #64 March 14, 2018


The CWG began discussing their plans to develop historic legacy recommendations for Superior. [xyz-ips snippet="PDF-Field"]

Meeting #64 March 14, 20182023-03-10T06:49:50+00:00
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