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Read meeting summaries for the Superior Community Working Group (CWG) and subcommittees here. All meeting summaries are organized in chronological order (most recent first) below. Or use the links to browse by Meeting Category.

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Aug 102018

August 8, 2018 Meeting #69

The CWG used public input from the past three months to develop cultural heritage concepts that the community can review and evaluate.

Aug 22018

Recreation User Group July 25, 2018

The RUG approved a comprehensive trail plan (first phase) to be submitted to the Tonto National Forest for environmental review. This plan was completed as a collaborative effort of all major recreational stakeholders. It is shown on the attached maps.

Aug 22018

Meeting #68 July 18, 2018

The CWG heard a presentation by Westland Resources about the historic resources documentation work they are doing at the West Plant site.

Jul 132018

Meeting #67 June 13, 2018

Resolution Copper showed the CWG a video simulation of how the mine site will be developed and the subsidence that will occur over the life of the mine.

Jun 132018

Meeting #66 May 23, 2018

The CWG had a working session to discuss Superior's cultural heritage and priorities for historic preservation related to demolition of Resolution Copper's West Plant site, and outlined a community outreach program that they would like to conduct to obtain broader input.

Apr 252018

Recreation User Group April 11, 2018

The RUG approved a semi-final version of the western portion of the trail system established from field work, and viewed photos of trail segments.

Apr 252018

Meeting #65 April 11, 2018

The CWG discussed progress on a historic legacy project and learned about Superior's designation as a new Opportunity Zone.

Mar 222018

Meeting #64 March 14, 2018

The CWG began discussing their plans to develop historic legacy recommendations for Superior.

Feb 282018

Meeting #63 February 28, 2018

Resolution Copper provided a detailed report on their reclamation plans for the West Plant site. QUOTE FOR THE DAY: What ails the truth is that it is mainly uncomfortable, and often dull.  The human mind seeks something more amusing. H.L. Mencken Download PDF Summary