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Read meeting summaries for the Superior Community Working Group (CWG) and subcommittees here. All meeting summaries are organized in chronological order (most recent first) below. Or use the links to browse by Meeting Category.

Meeting Categories

Sep 142021

Meeting #102 September 8, 2021

Dr. Sara Souther gave a presentation on Emory oaks, and the CWG discussed the preservation of Emory oak groves at Oak Flat. Resolution gave an update on construction developments and the status of the FEIS report.  Download PDF Summary

Aug 112021

Meeting #101 July 14, 2021

The CWG discussed post-fire status updates, the new START intiative, and future meeting topics. Download PDF Summary

Aug 112021

RUG Small Group Meeting #35 July 9, 2021

A small group meeting was held to discuss post-fire restoration and the new START initiative introduced the by Forest Service. Download PDF Summary

Aug 112021

Meeting #100 June 22, 2021

The CWG discussed the aftermath of the Telegraph fire, including post-fire hydrology and future fire mitigation strategies.  Download PDF Summary

Apr 182021

Meeting #98 March 10, 2021

The CWG discussed recent developments in the EIS for the Resolution Copper Project. Download PDF Summary

Feb 52021

Meeting #97 January 13, 2021

Espiritu Loci updated the CWG on conceptual planning and economic development studies being conducted for the Superior area. Download PDF Summary

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